a safe, positive, & inclusive environment for strength training.


All strength is a female owned & operated, private fitness studio with a focus on overall strength and longevity of health. Our approach to fitness encourages consistency and sustainability by using practical & realistic coaching techniques. We offer full body strength training in the form of group classes & 1:1’s where we incorporate several modalities of fitness into each workout.

Why Choose Our Gym?

We are redefining fitness by focusing on long term health and wellness rather than quick fixes and cookie cutter programming. Our programming is done in such a specific way that helps people live a strong life by minimizing pain. By having an overall rehab approach with each individual, we highlight the importance of strength training

Results driven

A safe space to learn & continue developing strength training techniques

Expert Coaches

Private Coaching & Group Classes Available

Specialized Programming

A Rehab & Psychological Approach to Strength Training

Workout In Peace

A No Judgement, Inclusive, and Uplifting Environment

Real People. Real Results!

"I’m so thankful I found All Strength! It has really been a game changer. I love my coaches holding me accountable, the way I feel and the progress I’m seeing!"

Brittnay Maynard-martin

(Down 13.5 inches/ joined March 2022)

"My battle with weight began in childhood, trying countless diets throughout my life with no lasting results. Eighteen months ago, I decided to try something new and joined All Strength. This place is so much more than a gym. Lauren and Karol Ann have created a self love, body positive environment that meets you where you are and pushes you to get to where you want to be. They provided the tools I needed to experience the mental transformation I had been missing. Now I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, I’m obsessed with deadlifting and I still eat cookies."

Rosey Maylee

(Down Over 100 Lbs)

A Private Studio

Find your fitness || find your people

In our private studio, you’ll get 1:1 coaching even in a group class setting. No one flies under the radar at our gym. Whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned lifter, our coaches do a phenomenal job at creating an uplifting, inclusive environment for you to get your workout in.

Our coaches expertise

At All Strength, our coaching style is a unique approach that highlights elements of rehab and mobility in addition to psychological habits surrounding nutrition to truly cover all of our bases under the umbrella of strength training. We ensure that each workout we write can be safely regressed or progressed to fit the individual’s needs.
Also, can we take off the picture here? We are working on getting some professional pictures done that better showcases us.

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