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We truly cover all our bases here. We’re redefining fitness

We bring scientific rehab background combined with my psychological nutrition background. We ensure that each coach we have on staff can safely regress and progress any movement to be beneficial to the individual. 

Karol Hale

CPT + Nutritionist

I’m so happy you’re here!

My background started with a degree in clinical psychology where I left college to work as a behavior therapist. After several years in the healthcare field, I realized health should be looked at through more than just one lens.

“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women have always been strong, it’s about changing the way the word perceives that strength.”

Like many other women, I’ve struggled to find the beauty in what my body is capable of and the strengths it has to offer me. This led me on a journey to find my own style of fitness to help other women do the same. With my approach to training, I look at each individual’s wellness as a whole- spiritual, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing. I take a blended approach with my training to identify behavior patterns and muscular imbalances that may be hindering your self improvement. My love for helping people grow to trust their bodies has led me to work with individuals on healing their relationship with nutrition and fitness.

Lauren Dreitlein


I’m a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and a USA Olympic weightlifting certified coach, with a B.S. in Exercise Science.

 I was a D1 athlete and got my professional start in collegiate strength and conditioning. My personal start, however, began much earlier in life. As a child I struggled with my weight, body image, and self esteem. My passion for fitness took me on my own personal journey of discipline and self love. I wanted to share my passion for fitness and transformation with others. So I started my own gym ; a place where transformations are welcomed and celebrated. A gym where everyone is welcomed, beginners to advanced lifters.

 I am the owner and founder of All Strength Fitness, established in 2018, a private training facility focused on athletic performance, clinical based exercise rehabilitation, weight loss and training programs for special populations. 

I’m currently an interim professor for two courses, Advanced Strength and Conditioning and Introduction to Weightlifting at Tennessee State University. 

My goal is to educate, coach and empower others on their journey to self improvement.